Client: e-nettet

Project: iOS & Android app

NemID Key app makes your life substantially easier

10 seconds and a lot
 less trouble

Many Danes would benefit from changing their old paper key card with the new app.
 No wonder the NemID Key App is peaking the charts on App Store and Google Play.

It is now easier and faster to log in with NemID. Use NemID directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer – without having the paper key card nearby.

NemID Key App has been developed by E-nettet on behalf of the finance and public sector. It is an easy, secure and convenient alternative to the existing paper key card and can be used anywhere you would normally use NemID.

The NemID Key App can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

The app is an alternative to NemID Key Card. We provide a current offer, and we are therefore pleased to see that so many Danes have already downloaded the app.

Adam Lebech, Vice President, Digitaliseringsstyrelsen

206.400 downloads the first 24 hours.

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